Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Cartoon Network UK Adventure Time Stakes Premiere

Yesterday (12/03/2016), I attended the UK premiere of the mini-series: Adventure Time: Stakes at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in London, it was a fun and enjoyable experience! Before the screening, everyone had an opportunity to have a photograph with Marceline The Vampire Queen herself :). The screening combined all eight parts of the miniseries into a feature-length movie format.

The miniseries started off with Marceline not wanting to be a vampire anymore because of her troubled past so she asks Princess Bubblegum to remove the vampiric essence from her body. Unfortunately, from the released essence, all of Marceline’s enemies from her vampire hunting past she had previously absorbed have now been resurrected. This leads to Marceline, Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum to battle against The Fool (a vampire with flight powers), The Empress (a vampire with invisibility and hypnosis powers), the Hierophant (vampire with shape-shifting powers) and the Moon (vampire with healing powers) and last but definitely not least, the Vampire King, the strongest of all the vampires.

After the screening, there was a Question and Answer session with Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline), this was an opportunity for kids to ask questions about the show and about herself, from this session, I’ve learnt that she originally auditioned for Princess Bubblegum’s role (voiced by Hynden Walch) also she said there’s still a lot more to Marceline’s backstory that might be revealed in the series at a later date.

Olivia also mentioned that she had creative control over Marceline’s backstory while writing Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook (now available in book retailers), but it is only considered to be canon if the story she’s written eventually gets made into an episode. The Q&A session was chaired by television presenter, Anna Williamson. The Q&A session was followed by a live musical performance from one of the songs from Stakes sang by Olivia herself and a photo and autograph session at the end.

Adventure Time: Stakes airs everyday from tomorrow (Monday 14th March) at 5pm on Cartoon Network UK, make sure you don’t miss it. 🙂

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