Cartoon Network UK March 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK March 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK March 2016 Highlights

New Series

Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
From Monday 28th March, weekdays at 8.30am.

This March on Cartoon Network LEGO is back with an all-new series of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. In this series a new evil named Nadakhan the Djinn is released and a new age of piracy begins. It is up to the Ninja to stop him. There’s only one way to find out if they are powerful enough to defeat the evil Nadakhan the Djinn; don’t miss Cartoon Network this month.

New Episodes

New episodes weekdays at 6.30pm.

Four 12-year-old best-friends, Kevin, Tyler, Shope and the Roach, are accidentally recruited by an intergalactic alliance to help stop an evil space-virus spreading across the galaxy! So now these “noobs” have to not only survive the harrowing hallways of middle school, but have to crush microcosmic infections that turn earthlings into contagious beasts with one goal in mind – destroying Earth! Combine the already heroic task of surviving Parents, Hormones, Final Exams, Bullies, Jocks and Crazy Teachers, now add super-powers they have no idea how to use and the evil space virus that infects the Jocks, turning them into hulking Mashed Potato Monsters or the Bully turning him into a 9 foot laser-eye shooting BULL – now you’ve got SUPERNOOBS!

Transformers: Robots In Disguise
From Saturday 5th March, weekends at 7.30am.

Years after we left the Autobots in “Transformers Prime” Bumblebee is summoned by Optimus Prime to save Earth from a new faction of Decepticons. Bumblebee assembles a rogue team of young Autobots including a Cool Rebel ‘Bad Boy’, an Elite Guard Cadet, a Bombastic Dinobot and a hyperactive Mini-Con to chase and capture their new enemies. Each new Bot is a fully capable action hero, but relatively inexperienced in working together in a team. Thus Bumblebee finds himself needing to be equal parts squad leader and coach. Every episode is packed full of action, adventure and comedy as Team Bumblebee strive to complete their new mission.

New Eight Part Miniseries Based On Adventure Time

Adventure Time “Stakes”
From Monday 14th March, at 5pm.

Princess Bubblegum has taken away Marceline’s powers making her human once again. But in doing so accidentally releases five of the toughest vampires from her past, including her arch nemesis, the Vampire King. Will Marceline sit this fight out or try to regain her powers and save the day? Tune into the brand new Adventure Time 8-part mini-series to find out!

Easter Holidays And Powerpuff Girls Reboot Premiere

From Monday 28th March to Saturday 16th April

The Easter Holidays on Cartoon Network feature new episodes, weekend marathons, plus a brand new show, The Powerpuff Girls. The city of Townsville may be a beautiful, bustling metropolis, but don’t be fooled! There’s evil afoot! And only three things can keep the bad guys at bay: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, three super-powered little girls, known to their fans (and villains everywhere) as THE POWERPUFF GIRLS. Juggling school, bedtimes, and beating up giant monsters may be daunting, but together the Powerpuff Girls are up to the task. Battling a who’s who of evil, they show what it really means to “fight like a girl.”

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