Cartoon Network UK Where’s Ice King Daily Christmas Competition

Cartoon Network UK Where's Ice King Daily Christmas Competition

Cartoon Network UK Where’s Ice King Daily Christmas Competition

Today is the 1st December and Adventure Time’s Ice King is up to no good, we only have 24 days to stop him from stealing Christmas! You can stop this from happening by taking part in Cartoon Network UK’s Where’s Ice King competition by answering on what the Ice King has been doing each day to ruin Christmas as shown in CCTV footage during advertisement breaks. Prizes are up for grabs every day.

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  1. Regular capital, how do we enter, the website shown on the TV just takes us to the normal cartoon network page. We’ve seen him;steal a star from the tree, steal a bicycle and ruining silent night by bashing bin lids together! I wish the cartoon network site was easier to use, I can never find the competitions.

  2. Where and how do we enter this competition. My daughter has seen him banging dustbin lids together In between carol singers.
    But we can’t find anywhere on Cartoon Network to enter.
    Can you please advise

  3. We have seen ruining carols with dustbins and stealing Christmas hats on another day but there is no where to enter?

  4. The ice king took pine cones from a wreath and put the pine cones into a stocking which was hung on the fire place.

  5. Ice king took a candy cane out of someone else’s Christmas stocking and replaced it with a pinecone…

  6. The competition is only accessible on the desktop version of the Cartoon Network UK website, you can use Request Desktop Site in Safari on your iPhone/iPad to access the desktop site.

  7. Ice King took a candy cane from a stocking and replaced it with a lump of coal. He then ran away laughing.

  8. The Ice king pulled the plug and made the Christmas tree lights go off !
    Then he laughed his evil laugh… Naughty Ice King.

    • I seen Ice king drowning on the Christmas cards and on the floor of the Christmas tree he was sawing it to.Ice king was throwing snowballs at the 4 people how were singing Christmas carols

  9. The ice king done a rolly polly along the carpet and took the star of the Christmas tree and ran away with it.

  10. The ice king threw snowballs at the carrol singers and said its snowing it’s snowing and then laughed and said its so much fun.

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