Turner Promotes Boing Africa At DISCOP Africa Convention In Johannesburg

Turner Promotes Boing Africa At DISCOP Africa Convention In Johannesburg

Turner Promotes Boing Africa At DISCOP Africa Convention In Johannesburg

This week (04/11/2015 – 06/11/2015) was the DISCOP Africa convention in Johannesburg, South Africa, where people from the television industry promote their channels and new programming. Turner Africa used the opportunity to announce that Boing Africa is now available to all pay-tv operators on the African continent if they are willing to make a carriage deal. At present, Boing Africa is only available on a small amount of operators in Africa in countries such as Nigeria, South Africa and the Seychelles. Boing Africa broadcasts Cartoon Network’s older animated shows, such as the original Cartoon Cartoons.

At present 45% of Cartoon Network’s and Boomerang’s audience is over 14 years old and Turner’s children’s channels are the most popular in Africa. Television remains a popular source of entertainment in Africa as access to other forms of digital entertainment is yet to be developed in Africa. Turner has already made an additional carriage deal with Nigerian direct-to-home satellite provider CONSAT to distribute Boing Africa on their platform.

Pierre Branco, VP and general manager for France, Portugal and Africa made this statement regarding that older cartoons can be shared between parents and their children but mentions that merchandising can be an issue as Africa’s economy is still developing:

“People know them, Some have been growing up with them when they were kids, and now they’re young parents, and they see them again and they can share them with their kids. While content travels, though, merchandising — the backbone of kids brands in much of the world — is still to be developed in Africa in the same way that it is in other markets. The toys that you have in other places might not be affordable here for a family. We’re happy to see that families are still watching the kids channels together. It’s probably a good sign. They remain young.”

Jaime Ondarza, Turner senior VP and general manager for Southern Europe and Africa also made a statement regarding Turner’s working branding strategy:

“We can have a great brand proposition in South Africa and have the same position in Nigeria, and it works really well.”