Boomerang Thailand Launches Cha-Ching Boomerang Kids Card

Boomerang Thailand Launches Cha-Ching Boomerang Kids Card

Boomerang Thailand Launches Cha-Ching Boomerang Kids Card

The Prudence Foundation (the charitable division of Prudential Asia) and Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific have worked together to launch the new Cha-Ching Boomerang Kids Card in Thailand. The new card entitles kids to get unique discounts and retail deals, including special offers at Kidzania, Major Cineplex, Funarium Park, Harbin Ice Wonderland and the Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark in Bang Saray, near Pattaya. Prudence Foundation and Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific have been working together for five years on their Cha-Ching initative which encourages kids to earn, save, spend and donate.

According to research by Prudential in 2011, 95% of Asian parents place importance on teaching their children about money management but only 13% think that their children have adequate money management skills. As a result, the “Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids” initiative was created to teach children about the basic principles of money management through the medium of animation.

Cha-Ching has been promoted on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, YouTube, Facebook, the Cha-Ching website and as part of the school curriculum. Cha-Ching is now available in ten languages and currently reaches 41 million households across Asia. Since the launch of the Cha-Ching website in 2011, the website has reached a total of 73 million page views and the Facebook page, has 130,000 fans. Cha-Ching’s YouTube channel has also achieved over two million video views and 4,000 subscribers.

Sean Rach, chief marketing officer of Prudential Corporation Asia made this statement in regards about the new Boomerang Kids Card:

“We are constantly looking for ways to enrich children’s experience of financial literacy and these Boomerang Kids Cards are an innovative way to bring the learning experience to life”.

Phil Nelson, the managing director of Turner International in Southeast Asia Pacific also made this statement about the new Cha-Ching Boomerang Kids Cards:

“Over the years we’ve seen the incredible impact that Cha-Ching has made on Cartoon Network and Boomerang viewers across Asia and beyond. To launch this new initiative with Boomerang, Thailand’s number one Kids’ channel, demonstrates how new ideas keep enhancing the program’s enjoyment and engagement.”

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