Adventure Time Virtual Reality Game Now Available For Samsung Gear VR

Adventure Time Virtual Reality Game Now Available For Samsung Gear VR

Adventure Time Virtual Reality Game Now Available For Samsung Gear VR: Be In The Game!

Cartoon Network Games and Turbo Button, a Los Angeles based virtual reality development studio, have developed a new Adventure Time game with a difference, it puts the player in a virtual reality version of the Land of Ooo. The new game is called Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games and was developed for the Samsung Gear VR. In the game, you play as a character known as “Tiny”, who’s been transformed into a balloon by the Magic Man. The game follows Finn and Jake on their quest to free Tiny from the spell. The game is available for free and should offer around 30 mins of gameplay. At present, the game is only available in the Oculus Store in the USA and Canada.

Christopher Waldron, vice president of Cartoon Network Digital explained that VR can be a tool to re-invent cartoon storytelling and Adventure Time’s creative team are looking for new innovative ways to entertain fans:

“The Adventure Time creators are all early adopters and enthusiasts in this space themselves and have a reputation for re-inventing storytelling, so during key phases of development we provided builds for them to review and give feedback. Pen Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, even jumped in and provided voiceover.”

Christina Miller, president and general manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang explained that gamers and animation fans are looking for new entertainment experiences and want to play in an interactive world based on their favourite animated shows:

“Embarking on these new VR projects has been a great creative exercise for us. We are experimenting and learning new ways of creating content that will engage our fans and tell stories that are completely different than what we have done on any other platforms in the past. Our fans aren’t just looking through a window into these worlds; they’re able to climb through that window and be in these worlds”

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