Cartoon Network USA New Thursday Premieres (06/08/2015)

New Thursday

Cartoon Network’s New Thursday New Episode Premieres

Uncle Grandpa
5.00pm ET/PT
Episode Name: Bottom Bag
Synopsis: Belly Bag must realize the nefarious intentions of his new friend before it is too late.

5.30pm ET/PT
Episode Name: Breehn Ho
Synopsis: Avast mateys! Clarence and Sumo are psyched to play their pirate-themed board game, Thirty Days and Seven Seas, until they learn Jeff has invited boring old Breehn along. After Breehn gets frustrated and leaves, it’s up to the three scallywags to rescue Breehn from an intense flood.

Teen Titans Go!
6pm ET/PT
Episode Name: Leg Day
Synopsis: After being defeated due to poor leg strength, Raven and the Titans work out their lower bodies and become the League of Legs.

We Bare Bears
6.30pm ET/PT
Episode Name: Burrito
Synopsis: Grizz cannot bring himself to eat the masterpiece of a “Bear-Sized Burrito, so he brings it with him everywhere.

The Amazing World of Gumball
7pm ET/PT
Episode Name: The Egg
Synopsis: When Nicole arranges a playdate for Anais with a classy family, the Wattersons try desperately to impress them.

Regular Show
7.30pm ET/PT
Episode Name: The Parkie Awards
Synopsis: When Benson does not win an award for Park Manager of the Year, the others try to make him feel better.