Cartoon Network UK We Bare Bears Sneak Peek Review

Cartoon Network UK We Bare Bears Sneak Peek Review

Cartoon Network UK We Bare Bears Sneak Peek Review: Funny, Adorable And Enjoyable For Kids (Even For Adults)

Cartoon Network UK have given me a couple of We Bare Bears episodes to watch so I could write a sneak peek review. I enjoyed both episodes so I decided to write about them and say what I think about the show. To summarise, the show is about three bear brothers named Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear who want to integrate into human society. We Bare Bears is based on Daniel Chong’s webcomic known as The Three Bare Bears.

Spoiler Alert: The Rest Of This Review Discusses The Plot Of Each Episode

Episode Name: Our Stuff

After playing a game of Basketball, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear find out that their backpack has gone, as a result, they go on a crime hunt pretending to be the FBI, they try to work out who took it. The bears went to the park and asked some pigeons about their missing yellow backpack and where they could find it. Then Ice Bear tries to speak “pigeon”, a pigeon then tells them who the criminal was out of the mugshot drawings. The pigeon then flies away, which led to the bears chasing it, which led to running around San Francisco through people’s property and even disrupting a baseball game. The pigeon takes the bears to a library.

Luckily, the bears realised that they left their phone in their rucksack and are able to track it on the internet in the library, which will help them find it. The bears find the location of the “criminal’s” apartment and sneaked in, Panda caught the bag and fell out the window but managed to stay on a ledge, Grizzly and Ice Bear followed. The police turned up at the scene accusing the bears of stealing the bag, the bears realised it was a mistake and it wasn’t their bag, they also noticed the angry people that they annoyed during their chase around the city down below.

The bears jumped all at once in a stack, they bounced off the trampoline below and smashed into a window on the opposite side of the street. It turned out that they actually crashed into the real criminal’s hideout and realised it was a gang of pigeons that did the crime and was responsible for stealing other people’s stuff. The pigeon gang was then arrested and the bears got their backpack back, but it turned out that the pigeon they followed around San Francisco was working undercover for the police.

Episode Name: Viral Video

Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear decided to make their own internet videos, they made a video of them eating breakfast, which sadly only got one view (and a negative rating). After seeing a video of an internet famous koala named Nom Nom, the bears made another video (which was also unsuccessful) and attended an Internet Meme convention because of a talent search event of where Nom Nom is a judge. The bears then took part in the event doing the same routines as their video, but Nom Nom fell asleep during the act.

Afterwards, Grizzly chased after Nom Nom and ended up in his limo, Nom Nom saw the bears’ video and thought it was pretty cool. Nom Nom explained that he’s doesn’t need friends and showed his true colours by acting like a jerk and got his bodyguard to throw Grizzly out of the limo while taking a humiliating picture. Even though the bears didn’t succeed, they found out they got 10 views, 1 like and a comment on their video, even though it was a spam comment, this was enough to make them happy and then they celebrated.

In conclusion, We Bare Bears is a very good show with adorable character designs. The humour of the show mostly comes from the consequences of the situations the bears get into. This may appear to be a bit mean, but deep down you feel sympathetic and you want these bears to achieve their goal, they just want to be like people. There are moments from the show that are just funny because it’s silly and both endings of the two episodes I watched were happy and optimistic. Cartoon Network USA did a good job marketing the show on social media (using the hashtag #bearstack). It’s only early days and it usually takes a few seasons for a show to reach its prime and the premise of the show has a lot of potential. I can see Cartoon Network selling plush toys of Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear at some point in the near future as they’re so cute (and it would be cool if they’re stackable too). 🙂

We Bare Bears premieres on Cartoon Network UK on Monday 7th September at 6pm