Cartoon Network Poland HD Proposed November Launch Date

Cartoon Network Poland HD

In an interview with Hannes Heyelmann, executive vice president for Turner Broadcasting in Central Europe and Eastern Europe and Polish news website, Mr Heyelmann stated that the launch of Cartoon Network Poland HD will happen in November. An exact launch day in November hasn’t been given yet, but there will be more information closer to the date.,hannes-heyelmann-o-tcm-i-tnt-filmy-nie-znikna-beda-seria.html

Also in other news relating to Cartoon Network Poland, their version of the Imagination Studios microsite is now available on their website. Cartoon Network Imagination Studios allows children to find out how their favourite cartoons on the channel are made, covering the different aspects of animation production from storyboarding to sound production with activities and also videos of the creators, voice actors and producers of the animated shows on Cartoon Network.

With special thanks to New Bogus on ToonZone for the information. For Cartoon Network news in the Polish language please check out New Bogus’s blog: