New Mobile Game: Formula Cartoon All-Stars

Formula Cartoon All-Stars

On 24th June, Cartoon Network released their latest mobile game – Formula Cartoon All-Stars – available for Android and iOS on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The new game allows the player to race as their favourite Cartoon Network character and race around a selection of 3D racing tracks within several locations featured in their favourite shows. Winning races isn’t just speed alone, you have to know how to use power-ups and customising your vehicle is also important.

The game has the following features:

Playable characters: Finn, Gumball, Mordecai, Ben 10, Jake, Rigby, Muscle Man, Steven Universe, Clarence and many more.
Crazy power-ups like ice cubes, bubbles, tomatoes and more.
Vehicle customisation: Over 100 pieces, upgrade acceleration, top speed and turbo.
Tournaments: Unlock tournaments for each Cartoon Network show and post your fastest times, Top players can win rewards and there will be more tournaments in the future.
Racing Tracks: Race over 75 tracks including locations such as Candy Kingdom in Adventure Time, The Park in Regular Show and Elmore Junior High in The Amazing World of Gumball.
One Touch Steering: Accelerate, turn and drift, all with just one finger.

Preview of Formula Cartoon All-Stars:

The game is a paid app and prices may vary from country to country.