Cartoon Network To Revive Ben 10 Franchise

Ben 10 Image

Today (08/06/2015), it was announced that Cartoon Network is going to give the popular Ben 10 franchise a new lease of life. The Ben 10 series first started back in 2006, the underlying story of the whole series is about the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a ten-year-old boy who discovers an alien device known as the Omnitrix that gives him the power to change into various aliens. Cartoon Network Studios has confirmed that it will produce the new series, which will debut on international Cartoon Network feeds in Autumn 2016 and in North America in 2017. Man of Action, the original production team behind the series, will continue their role as executive producer and John Fang will be supervising producer. The Ben 10 franchise has generated $4.5 billion in merchandise sales for Cartoon Network around the world.

Rob Sorcher, Cartoon Network’s chief content officer, made this statement about the revival of the Ben 10 franchise:

“Ben 10 is a worldwide phenomenon for 10 years running, with more than 230 TV episodes produced. There hasn’t been an original production since 2012, but the overall popularity of the character has continued on. This demand from audiences around the world is the driving spark behind the relaunch. So we are creating this iteration for an entirely new generation of kids.”

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