Cartoon Network Latin America July 2015 Highlights

Cartoon Network Latin America

The following are the highlights for Cartoon Network Latin America feeds during July:

Over The Garden Wall, the new mini-series will start airing from the 6th July and will air Monday to Friday, at 6pm Colombia, 8pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

Copa Toon: A special progamming block featuring episodes of Sendokai Champions, Clarence, Uncle Grandpa and Regular Show on the 4th July, at 10am Colombia, 12pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

New episodes of Teen Titans Go! (Twice weekly), Steven Universe, Cuentos Espantosos para Niños Caprichosos (Haunted Tales for Wicked Kids), Sonic Boom, Dr. Dimensionpants and Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Ben 10 Marathons on 18th July at 9am Colombia and on 8th August at 11am Argentina/Chile.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: 6th July, 4pm Colombia, 6pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

The Lorax: 17th July, 4pm Colombia, 6pm Argentina/Chile/Mexico.

Happy Feet 2: 24th July, 6pm Colombia, 8pm Argentina/Chile, 9pm Mexico.

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