Boomerang UK HD Currently Testing On Astra 28.2°E

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According to the DigitalSpy forums, a satellite test for Boomerang UK HD has appeared on the Astra 28°E satellite group, the test is a HD simulcast of the main standard definition Boomerang channel. The HD feed carries EPG data for 10th June onwards, it’s speculated that this will be the Sky UK launch date for the new HD channel. Turner has yet to release a statement about the new HD feed, I’ll keep you posted when I find out any more information.

Update: The HD channel didn’t launch on 10th June, it was speculation and the channel is still undergoing testing.

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  1. Seeing as how on the SD feed the feed itself is letterboxed and now this news, it means that the SD feed is a downscale of the HD feed!

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