Cartoon Network More “Gender Agnostic”, USA Ratings Success, Turner “Turn It Up” Upfront In New York This Week

Turn It Up: 2015 Turner Upfront

This Wednesday (13/05/2015), will be the Turner “Turn It Up” Upfront at Madison Square Garden in New York, an event where Turner Broadcasting will officially unveil their programming slate for the upcoming year and an opportunity to sell ad sales for their channels, such as Cartoon Network and Boomerang. According to the television ratings company, Nielsen, ratings for Cartoon Network have increased by 16% over last year among children aged 2 to 11, an achievement in a competitive TV market, but adopting the channel on a multi-device basis with video on-demand and mobile games has helped the channel during an era of cable “cord-cutting” and the rise of the internet of being a primary source of entertainment.

Approximately $20 billion will be made by Turner in upfront ad spending for the 2015-16 television season for all its channels. According to Starcom, an advertising targeting company that advises companies on what TV channels should air adverts for their products, claim that Cartoon Network is a little more gender-agnostic, targeting more girls than before, but still focusing on boys. Cartoon Network has realised the importance of the girl demographic and will be bring back The Powerpuff Girls for a brand new season in 2016. Also 11 new animated show pilots are currently in production by Cartoon Network Studios.

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