Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake: Honouree For The Webby Awards Mobile Games Category

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, a mobile/PC/Mac/Linux game developed by SleepNinja Games and published by Cartoon Network Games has been honoured by The Webby Awards in the mobile games category. The premise of the game is about a boy named Niko who found out someone ate his birthday cake and has to solve various puzzles and befriend monsters with special powers on a magical island called Gogapoe in order to get his cake back!.

More information about the game:

As so many of these things do, it all begins on a magical island. In this case, Gogapoe Island, a place populated by both humans and monsters. What starts out as a mission to get back Niko’s birthday cake becomes a quest for the fate of Gogapoe itself. But, ya know, cake is still super important, too!

Oodles of friendly monsters will join Niko’s quest and use their kooky powers to demolish obstacles and humiliate enemies. Hordes of evil monsters will cause mayhem and generally be jerkfaces, but that’s nothing you can’t fix with headbutts, frost breath, stink clouds and rainbow barf.

Even with powerful amigos at your side, you’re gonna need your thinking cap to get past these cerebrum-tingling environmental puzzles. And did we mention the bonus challenges that give you these really swell stars? You like stars, don’t you?

If side quests are your jam, Gogapoe is packed with people—and monsters—in need of roadside assistance. Send a little love their way, and you might discover hidden paths, unlock extra levels or earn unique swag, including special costumes that give Niko nifty powers of his own!

With innovative touch controls so buttery smooth they could grease a cake pan, it’s never been easier to manage a crew of big, hairy behemoths. Just draw a path, and they’ll follow your instructions to a T, even if you swap to another monster to cue up a different action.

The icing on this big ol’ cake is 60 sweet minutes of original music written by composer extraordinaire, Disasterpeace. Save the day and fulfill your monstrous cakelust all at once in MONSTERS ATE MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is available on both Google Play (Android) and iOS (iPhone/iPad), prices vary.

PC/Mac/Linux/Steam OS Version available on Steam.