Personal Announcement: Why I Quit The ToonZone Forums

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It’s not very often I make these type of blog posts, but what you read from the title of the blog post is actually true, I’ve quit the Toonzone forums. I’ve been a member for nearly 18 months and I felt that it was enough for me, I’ve quit the ToonZone forums for the following reasons:

1. Nearly No-one Cares About The International Threads

The amount of rules broken on the international threads is ridiculous, this includes double posting, being off-topic and even bullying, the admins don’t care because of the forum’s American bias. The Cartoon Network International News Thread is easily the largest thread on the ToonZone forums with over 13,000 posts and nearly 400,000 views, but even with a thread of this size, the admins have been reluctant to split up the thread into a more regional basis, as a member I felt that I was shoved up a corner.

2. Nearly Everyone Complains

Very few people on the ToonZone forums are ever happy, the new Boomerang rebrand in the USA is a prime example. People were complaining about the changing purpose of Boomerang in the United States as it was slightly moving away from airing classic animated shows and is planning to air new content. The channel has been stagnant for 15 years in terms of format and presentation and it’s illogical that Turner Broadcasting System would leave the channel like this for eternity. At the end of the day it’s just a kids channel that these people are complaining over and Turner is only really interested in what children would like as it’s their main demographic. Also RandomMe’s constant moaning about the need to have the Cartoon Network pan-feed back (aka Cartoon Network Africa/Cartoon Network HQ) has been driving me crazy, even though he fails to realize that Cartoon Network Portugal is a lot better, he should be happy that Cartoon Network has started caring about his country, meanwhile countries like the Czech Republic and Finland get the rough end of the deal.

3. No-one Cared To Help With The Save Disney Cinemagic Spain Campaign (With Exception To Dcbanners And Artnerfy)

Last December, we tried to save a much loved channel in Spain that aired nothing but Disney animated movies and classic animated shows, despite mentioning it several times on the forum, no-one even cared about making a stand against Disney’s decision. Even though we weren’t successful, we’ve attracted some media industry attention from C21Media and WorldScreen and a load of Disney fan sites were united in our campaign.

4. Twitter Is Much Better

I use Twitter all the time to talk to my followers either with normal tweets or private messaging, also Twitter is great place to talk to animated show creators, voice actors and channel management, which is something that ToonZone is sadly lacking. My Twitter account will continue to post links to newly created threads on ToonZone and I will continue to read ToonZone blog posts as their editorial team is very good.

5. I Wanted More Time To Focus On The Blog And YouTube Channel

Both this Blog and my YouTube channel have been a success, I have people from all over the world reading this website and watching my Cartoon Network/Boomerang/Cartoonito UK video recordings, this includes people who work at Cartoon Network. I’m proud of the success of this website and this is why I wanted to spend more time on it. I have to admit that I’m not much of a writer but I always do my best. I’m now happy that I can devote more time looking for new information without the obligation of contributing on another forum. I will also continue to help to contribute to dcbanners and The Daily Nick by recording Disney Channel and Nickelodeon UK continuities and uploading them on to YouTube.

As a final note, I wish good luck to Bryan at NickAndMore as he will close his Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Disney Channel USA blog and will be focusing more on his TV schedule and episode archiving websites.

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  1. I understand your decision. Toonzone also annoys me. I also like your blog and I am waiting for a Facebook page. Believe me, Facebook is another great place to contact your fans and we could chat too and help each other among our blogs. 🙂

  2. I see your points and I agree with them. The international threads are quite a mess and non of the mods really care about them. I wish you luck with your blog and YouTube channel, which I’ll continue to follow. I am surprised to hear that Bryan is quitting.

    P.S. I see that you’ve included my site, thanks for that! 🙂

  3. OK now. Let me get this straight:
    1: Before I joined Toonzone, there were Americans who checked the CN Int. News Thread regularly. The reason it quickly grew was because of me.
    2: That’s the reason why I stopped saying “I want CN HQ back!” ad infinitum on Toonzone. I did NOT advertise my failed petition on Toonzone, but Mariana went to my blog and said that signed the petition (to get an international scale). I did NOT advertise #SaveCNHQ on the Toonzone forums before anyone said “CN HQ will never return to Portugal”. This has been driving me crazy, also most Portuguese people can’t speak English right (like my parents).
    Speaking of that, #SaveCNHQ could also double as a site to help improve CN HQ’s schedule.
    3: See? I did not care. I thought that I did not want to join this DCM ES campaign because “the brand is unpopular” and that “Disney Cinemagic is on death row”. I created #SaveCNHQ in response to this, and, in order to get more social media exposure, we must have to wait a little longer.
    4: I like Toonzone, but still, I need to focus less on it.
    5: When I had my first CN HQ blog, Toonzone was the reason why I stopped posting there. Now it’s because I’m busy playing games and writing articles on RegularTaxi.

    • 1. Yes, the thread was originally started by Americans, however to say that you alone was the driving force of the thread is a very bold statement to make.

      2. You live in Portugal, I don’t expect you to speak English properly this is the reason why I didn’t make fun out of anyone on CN International Thread as they were trying their best, us British people (most particularly the English) are notoriously lazy when it comes to languages because we are really lucky.

      Portugal needs to sort out its education system out if you think the English language is such a priority, and judging by you the only way to learn it is to a watch a television. I go to night school to learn Spanish and there isn’t that many Spanish TV channels I can watch but there’s loads of resources online and in my local library and bookshop.

      3. Actually Disney Cinemagic was a much loved channel in Spain for those who have pay-tv, people were really sad when we broke the news to them.

      4. ToonZone is okay in some aspects, but it’s not as big as an influence as it once was.

      5. I don’t have the time to play games anymore due to work commitments. The only game I play is Minecraft as it’s a “pick up and play” sort of game with an element of creativity.

      • 1: I joined in at a time where more and more Europeans dominated it.
        2: Our generation (in the past decade) learned English and Spanish from kids channels. If losing CN HQ was a sign that they couldn’t destroy a monument on Portuguese pay television.
        If there was a terrestrial channel in English since at least the 60s over here, then we would have a perfect English accent.
        3: Well, technically they are becoming aware that the pay TV industry in Spain is starting to lost terrain.
        4: Have I joined Toonzone many years ago, then I could also take my creative side.
        5: I don’t play Minecraft. Currently I’m playing the CN game Splashback.

  4. I didn’t really know that the first factor was a large problem within international threads of the three major channels, I just assumed the moderators were organized. Huh.
    And yeah, RandomMe can get on anyone’s nerves.

    As for the hashtag, yeah, I kinda figured it wasn’t going to suceed. You tried, that’s for sure, but I didn’t see it working. I guess it’s because I view petitions who need a limited amount of people to ask for a change in business as dead on arrival and hashtag campaigns, when they’re not done by the millions, as failure. You still tried.

    But I’m very happy that you’re finding larger success on Twitter, YouTube and even your blog. Wish you the best of luck on all of them platforms.

    • Thank you very much 🙂

      Yeah, I did try, I have to admit I thought I went crazy last December. 😀

      • I apologize for all my madness in 2014 on bringing back CN HQ.
        I think that I have learned my lesson.
        I still have the dream of seeing CN HQ again in Portugal, hopefully it will return when the channel will have a better schedule.
        I do not complain about CN HQ due to nostalgia, it’s because I like some modern CN shows and I can’t follow them with those cringeworthy dubs. Changing the audio track to English won’t work, not even on Disney Channel because of the constant captions. We now live with kids channels that are focusing to Portugal instead of two dozen countries at the same time.

  5. …. and now this comment section feels like one of the pages of ToonZone CN/Boom Int threads. Sigh….

    Anyway, too bad you won’t be posting there anymore Luke, your posts are always reasonable and informative.

    I don’t really have major issues with ToonZone, or at least they are not big enough for me to leave it but I don’t post much in the first place. Anyway, what annoys me is constant repetition of same discussions and same posts/opinions/statements plus the never ending dubbing talk.

    But I guess since many seem interested in those subjects, who am I to complain. My main interests are schedules, presentation and CN/Boom nostalgia.

  6. Good luck, RegularCapital! We’ll miss you (at least me) on ToonZone Forums. 🙁 Everyday I access your website (when I’m at school, home or family’s house) to read for new updates and I love to watch your videos.

    Greetings from Brazil. 😀

  7. Good Luck, RegularCapital with your blog.
    Also Toonzone annoys me. Maybe I’ll also say goodbye to the Toonzone, and I’ll focusing in my blog. What will I do? The time will tell.
    Good Luck once again, and thanks for great news about CN/Boomerang channels and shows.

  8. I can understand your points RC, TZ is annoying me a bit, as well..
    sometimes I moan, it’s true (no one is perfect), and sometimes I realise myself that it’s just for “small things” (and from the start, I’m sorry if sometimes I sound a bit “exaggerated”); however, there some people are a lost cause, always repeating the same stuff to death! God..
    Good luck with your blog and your FB page, you’ll always have my support; I won’t forget you (you and some other members on TZ, like Red Arrow etc.) 🙂

    • I apologize for all the utter lunacy caused in 2014 because of me saying stuff like “come back CN HQ” over and over and over again. I know that I have #SaveCNHQ and that I didn’t advertise it on Toonzone.

    • Thanks a lot, Francisque, I’ll miss your knowledge about DOG’s and aspect ratios and Disney Channel in general. XD Thanks for the support!

  9. I wish you luck with the website and YT. I thought my complains didn’t bother you that much, but I guess I was wrong.

    You should know that once Akos97HU left ToonZone, you kind of became my new best TZ friend, and I really don’t know what I have to do on ToonZone now you’re gone XD No one else seems to be sincerely interested it what I’ve got to tell. (Or at least it feels that way)

    I am sorry I never supported you on Twitter, but I don’t have an account on that website.

    I can send the CN NL highlights if you want. (no obligation)

    Farewell. Vaarwel!

  10. I am also sad that you have left TZ. It was a fun ride with you and everybody else on this long rollercoaster of ToonZone. It can be hard to be noticed there (I tried advertising my TCC channel but people ignored me) and TZ, i’ll still be there checking what’s updated.

    Take care, Luke. Have fun.


  11. Sorry to see you go, Luke.
    It’s been a honor to talk with such an awesome guy on an awesome forum.
    (also, sorry for being so late on this, I’ve been away for school)

  12. i have also quit the forms people are still complaining about the boomerang rebrand a year later and it annoyed me to death


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