Cartoon Network To Become A 24 Hour Service In Hungary On Pay-TV Providers From 1st April 2015

Cartoon Network 24 Hour Service

From 1st April 2015, Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe on Hungarian TV providers will no longer timeshare with Turner Classic Movies between 9pm and 6am and will become an around-the-clock 24 hour service.

The following is the night schedule between 9pm and 6am on Cartoon Network Central Europe on 1st April, available for Hungarian viewers.

9pm Adventure Time
9.20pm Xiaolin Chronicles
9.45pm Xiaolin Chronicles
10.05pm The Amazing World of Gumball
10.30pm The Amazing World of Gumball
10.50pm Chop Socky Chooks
11.15pm Chop Socky Chooks
11.35pm Fantastic Four
12am Fantastic Four
12.20am Robotboy
12.45am Robotboy
1.10am Angelo Rules
1.50am Eliot Kid
2.40am Chop Socky Chooks
3.00am Chop Socky Chooks
3.25am Xiaolin Chronicles
3.45am Xiaolin Chronicles
4.10am The Amazing World of Gumball
4.30am The Amazing World of Gumball
4.55am Angelo Rules