Boomerang UK Rebranded Today (16/02/2015)

Boomerang UK Rebranded Today (16/02/2015)

Boomerang UK Rebranded Today: Farewell Blue Ribbon, Hello To A Brand New Boomerang

Today (16/02/2015), Boomerang UK & Ireland rebranded, to mark the occasion I recorded a continuity at 6am, this is when the rebrand happened and when Boomerang suddenly changed. Also, Boomerang Germany rebranded today, which means the rebrand rollout in Europe, Middle East and Africa is now complete. Boomerang Thailand is the only feed using the old blue ribbon branding left in the world.

Special graphics I made to say goodbye to the old branding and to say hello to the new branding:

Farewell Blue Ribbon
Welcome to the brand new Boomerang

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  1. Oh, cool! You seem to edit the new Boomerang logo good! Even gooder than me! Say, can you make a variant of the Boom logo with the word “Waitwut” instead of Boomerang and replace the B with a W? It would be really funny if you did.

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