Cartoon Network Chile And Cartoon Network Colombia Feed Split Planned In 2015

Cartoon Network Latin America

According to Paul Zuccarino VP and general manager of Cartoon Network Latin America and, Cartoon Network Chile and Cartoon Network Colombia is planned to launch in 2015, splitting off from the pan-regional feed. Also in the second half of 2015 will be the introduction of the Cartoon Network Anything app in Latin America, which is an app filled with random Cartoon Network related video clips and mini games and is currently available in the United States.

Thanks to Mariana from the ToonZone forums for the information.

3 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Chile And Cartoon Network Colombia Feed Split Planned In 2015”

  1. Technically it’s Colombia, not Columbia and the app is called “Cartoon Network Anything”. What happened to you? ANMTV and Mariana on the TZ forums wrote “Anything” while referring to the app.

    • I remember you when you make mistakes in future, like you have done in the past, including your self-proclaimed “perfect” English skills and typos on the ToonZone forums. I have corrected the typos by the way. 😀

      • “English as a Life Skill”
        But still, I really like my English, the problem is that since the switch my English writing on the forums went out of control. Also the bizarre accent I have when I record stuff which is a cross between American and British English.

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