Boomerang USA Rebranded Today (19/01/2014)

Boomerang Rebrand

Today (19/01/2015), Boomerang USA has rebranded using the new multicoloured idents and black and white motif logo, today is also national holiday in the United States as its Martin Luther King Day, which was an ideal time to rebrand. Today marks the first time Boomerang USA has rebranded, unlike the other international feeds, Boomerang USA has been using the same toy bumpers since 1st April 2000. This is a milestone in the Boomerang international rebrand rollout, which was first started with Boomerang UK using elements and colours of the rebrand in promos since September 2014, followed by the full rebrands of Boomerang Latin America, Brazil, Australia, Southeast Asia, France and Nordic.

Here is a continuity of the Boomerang USA rebrand:

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