Turner, Amazon Falls And Thai Smile Airways Signs Deal For Cartoon Network Amazone Branded Airplanes

Cartoon Network Amazone Airplane

On Tuesday (09/12/2014) it was announced that Turner Broadcasting System Asia-Pacific and Amazon Falls (the operator and developer of the Cartoon Network Amazone water park) signed a deal with Thai Smile Airways to have an advertisement for the Cartoon Network Amazone water park attraction branded on some of their airplanes.

The first airplane with the special branding is expected to take off in April 2015, ready for Songkran, which is Thailand’s new-year holidays and water festival. The special branding will feature Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure Time. Cartoon Network is the most popular children’s channel in the Asia-Pacific region.

Melissa Tinker, Vice President of Cartoon Network Enterprises, Asia Pacific made this statement regarding the deal:

“The opening of Cartoon Network Amazone this year was already a huge milestone for the Cartoon Network brand, not just in Thailand but globally. Now in 2015, we’re looking forward to taking off with Thai Smile Airways and seeing our iconic characters flying the skies. We congratulate both Amazon Falls and Thai Smile Airways on this creative partnership.”

Liakat Sultan Dhanji, CEO of Amazon Falls also made this statement:

“This partnership comes at the right time as both we and Thai Smile share the same goal of attracting international tourists to Thailand. We hope that the opening of the Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark, combined with the branded livery on the Thai Smile Airways’ fleet will appeal to family members traveling to the kingdom.”

Cartoon Network Amazone is first Cartoon Network themed water park in the world, the water park is located in Bang Saray near Pattaya in Thailand, the park opened to the general public on 3rd October.


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