Teen Titans Go! Premiered On Cartoon Network Portugal Today

Teen Titans Go! finally premiered at 6.40pm today (10/11/2014) on Cartoon Network Portugal.

5 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go! Premiered On Cartoon Network Portugal Today”

  1. I could have premiered at 6.41, could have premiered at 6.42, the reason is that I couldn’t see more than one minute of it. The voices sound like a cross between the original show’s VAs and typical CN PT VAs.
    We’ve got it ten months later than CN HQ. A bloody long delay. Plus the third-party shows always premiere on weekdays, with CN originals premiering on weekends! I don’t like these decisions based on Boing ES.

    • And besides, our kids market is saturated, we have no kids channels in English, as you already know. We still don’t have Disney XD, and seeing CN HQ and BM HQ (and, to a lesser extent, TCM HQ) seems more or less like water in the strangest tear.
      My decoder has an English description of TT GO!, instead of using the Portuguese one.

    • I don’t know why Portugal had to wait a long time for Teen Titans Go!, perhaps they didn’t want to air it until later on and wanted to air other shows in the meantime, but honestly I don’t know the real answer.

      • Well, Correio da Manhã’s weekly TV supplement highlighted the original TT which airs on Biggs with a picture of TT GO!, as evidenced here: http://postimg.org/image/8wcjbjofv/
        That gave me the expectations to see TT GO! on Biggs, they air the original one.
        However, when CN PT premiered a promo with highlights for this fall, TT GO! was included and this led to a confusing situation.
        If I still got CN HQ, I could watch TT GO! earlier this year. They couldn’t remove that channel, it has more variety.

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