Cartoon Network USA Thursday Night Premieres (13/11/2014)

Teen Titans Go!
Episode 73
Body Adventure
Tonight 6pm (EST)
Synopsis: When Cyborg develops a head cold, Robin thinks it’s a good idea to shrink the Titans so they can go inside Cyborg’s body to fight the virus.

Episode 24
Pilot Expansion
Tonight 6:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Clarence, Sumo and Jeff try to recount the day they all met.

Steven Universe
Episode 33
Garnet’s Universe
Tonight 6:45pm (EST)
Synopsis: Steven imagines what Garnet does with her day.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Episode 101
The Pizza
Tonight 7:00pm (EST)
Synopsis: Frustrated, Larry quits all of his jobs, unraveling the commercial structure of Elmore.

Regular Show
Episode 160
Eileen Flat Screen
Tonight 7:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Rigby helps Eileen set up her flat-screen TV.

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