Cartoonito UK Acquires Pip Ahoy! Broadcast Rights

Pip Ahoy

It was announced today, that Turner Broadcasting System Europe brought the broadcast rights for Pip Ahoy! for their Cartoonito channel in the UK, the show is already airing as part of the pre-school Milkshake block on Channel 5.

The animated show follows the adventures of a puppy named Pip and his friend, a kitten named Alba, who live in Salty Cove. Voice acting talent includes Teresa Gallagher (Penny and Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball, Dashi from The Octonauts) and Sir David Jason (Count Duckula and DangerMouse).

Pip Ahoy! is made by CHF Entertainment (Cosgrove-Hall Fitzpatrick), the successor studio to the original Cosgrove-Hall that made famous animated shows such as Count Duckula and DangerMouse. The Pip Ahoy!/Cartoonito deal was made with Monster Entertainment, whom is in charge of brand management for the animated show.

Cartoonito is a pre-school sister channel to Cartoon Network in the UK, the Cartoonito channel is also available in Italy and as programming blocks on multiple versions of Boomerang across the EMEA area.