Cartoon Network USA Thursday Night Premieres (23/10/2014)

Teen Titans Go!
Episode 70
Serious Business
Tonight 6pm (EST)
Synopsis: When Robin rations bathroom time to 5 minutes per visit, the other Titans try to show him the magic of the bathroom.

Episode 21
Neighborhood Grill
Tonight 6:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Clarence cannot stop himself from intruding on Ms. Baker’s date.

Steven Universe
Episode 30
Island Adventure
Tonight 6:45pm (EST)
Synopsis: Steven takes Lars and Sadie on a vacation to a magical beach to mend their friendship.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Episode 98
The Bros
Tonight 7:00pm (EST)
Synopsis: When Darwin gets jealous of Gumball and Penny’s relationship, he sets out to find information on Penny that will break them up.

Regular Show
Episode 156
Daddy Issues
Tonight 7:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: CJ is eager to win a “cut the Cheezer’s” card while at a mini-golf tournament.

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