Cartoon Network USA Thursday Night Premieres (16/10/2014)

Teen Titans Go!
Episode 69
The Mask
Tonight 6pm (EST)
Synopsis: Robin’s mask hides a terrible secret, not just his secret identity.

Episode 20
The Forgotten
Tonight 6:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Clarence gets left at school and Brady tags along on his journey home.

Steven Universe
Episode 29
Secret Team
Tonight 6:45pm (EST)
Synopsis: Steven, Amethyst and Pearl accidentally pop a bubbled gem and form a Secret Team to secretly retrieve the missing shards.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Episode 97
The Burden
Tonight 7:00pm (EST)
Synopsis: While in charge of watching the school hamster, Gumball and Darwin leave it at school for the weekend.

Regular Show
Episode 155
New Bro on Campus
Tonight 7:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: In high school, Muscle Man wants to show that he is cooler than the new student on campus.

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