Cartoon Network Netherlands To Attend KLIK! Animation Festival In Amsterdam On 6th November

Cartoon Network Netherlands will be at the KLIK! Animation Festival for an event called “Cartoon Network: Next Generation” on 6th November at 7pm. This will be the third consecutive time Cartoon Network will be attending the festival. At the Cartoon Network: Next Generation event there will be the Dutch premiere of Clarence and the European (and World) premiere of We Bare Bears. There will also be a live stream with Rebecca Sugar for a Q&A session regarding Steven Universe, including a double episode.

Cartoon Network are also giving away goodie bags which include T-Shirts, Adventure Time Hats and USB Memory Pen Drives. Ten more goodie bags will be given away at the animation festival.

Note: You will have to attend the KLIK! Animation Festival to be eligible to win and to collect your prize.

The KLIK! Animation Festival will run from 4th to 9th November.

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