Toon Tunes Karaoke Special Block On Cartoon Network Australia

During the school holidays in Australia, Cartoon Network will air episodes of popular shows with songs, the Toon Tunes block will start on Monday 22nd September from 10am, each song will have subtitles so people can singalong. The special block will have episodes from Adventure Time (from 22nd Sep to 28th Sep), Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Steven Universe (from 29th Sep to 5th Oct) that feature songs.

Cartoon Network Australia will also have a sneak peek of Clarence tomorrow (Saturday 20th September) at 10.15am as part of the Best Buddies block.

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  1. I had witnessed ‘Adventure Time’ on ‘Toon Tunes’ last 28th Sep on PH feed (not sure if it applied on other SEA feeds).

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