Cartoon Network Dropped On Sky Pacific

Fiji Television Limited based in Fiji has announced that they will remove and replace 9 channels, including Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network will be replaced with Toonami Asia, the reason for the replacement is because of customer feedback and “similarity” to other channels also available on the Sky Pacific platform.

BBC World News, Cartoon Network, Discovery, National Geographic Wild, Fox Crime, Fox Premium, Star Plus and Star World will be replaced with History, Toonami, Warner TV, Zee Premier, Sony Entertainment Television India and some other additional unannounced channels. The changes are effective as of Sunday 3rd August, I hope that Cartoon Network Australia will return to Sky Pacific.

7 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Dropped On Sky Pacific”

  1. So does this mean they’ll stop broadcasting CN in Australia or did they just drop the channel from one provider but allowed it on other providers? I’m a bit confused on this one.

  2. No, it’s only on Sky Pacific which is used in Fiji, Samoa and several other islands. CN will continue to broadcast in Australia. I tried to find out what version of CN Sky Pacific uses, multiple websites said CN Australia.

  3. The beginning of the end for SKY Pacific. Lots of people unsubscribed and are getting stuck to just Fiji One and FBC before SKY Pacific thinks twice.
    Technically they were the easternmost region of the world to carry CN SEA, as they had the Cartoonito block (10-11 Fiji time).

    • What info do you have stating that they had the SEA version of CN, I checked multiple satellite websites and it said Australia.

      It doesn’t really matter anyway, Sky Pacific is screwing customers over, and by the sound of it a lot of customers weren’t informed about the changes until last minute.

      To get out of this mess and to get more channels, they should really merge with Foxtel or Sky NZ and also solve that alleged licencing problem.

      • Found it on a cached version of it. That’s just a popular misconception.
        Toonami SEA is not available in Australia or New Zealand. I think that FOXTEL should establish a Pacific brand using SE Asian channels.

        • I did read that they had CN SEA on one of the comments and used to have CN AU, but no confirmation of whether this has been changed back.

          Foxtel could have a regional lockout in Fiji and Australia if there are broadcasting restrictions.

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