Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Cartoon Network Africa's New Website
Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Earlier today, Cartoon Network Africa’s new website went live, it’s based on Cartoon Network Portugal’s new website which was originally based on the CN Latin America website. The design will roll-out across all Cartoon Network websites within the EMEA area. Both website addresses for the African pan-feed ( and now redirect to

I don’t know the real meaning behind the “hq” in the web address, but according to people in the Cartoon Network online community, it just means “headquarters”, as in Cartoon Network is the main place (i.e. headquarters) for cartoons.

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  1. I have my meaning for the “HQ”: it’s not the main place for “the best place for cartoons”, it used to be a feed for European countries with no localized CNs.
    The new domain means the end of an era for CN HQ, probably one of the biggest changes in the channel’s history after the removal from Portuguese providers: the end of a long-serving website which lasted for thirteen years, started out as a directory for CN websites worldwide and evolved into a website of it’s own in 2006.
    It also means that CHECK it. 3.0 may be coming or has come to CN HQ.
    2001-August 8th, 2014
    A website address that longtime CN fans in Portugal will miss.

    • was registered on 19th June 2001, the new website is also hosted at Amazon Web Services in Dublin, Ireland. has a large data centre there which hosts loads of websites. I’m guessing that Turner is either moving the websites onto Amazon, or they’re just using it for testing before they move the websites onto their own servers.

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