The Future: My Future Plans And What I’m Doing Next

The Future

The Future: My Future Plans And What I’m Doing Next

As Steven Universe Future premieres tonight in the United States, there’s never been a better time to explain my future plans and my involvement in the cartoon community. The good news is that I’m not going anywhere, I am still active but I have been refocusing my efforts. My strengths are my Twitter account and my YouTube channel, which I find to be a more efficient and more effective method to reach more people and to share news in a less time consuming manner. Due to the changes at WarnerMedia and not worrying to do the blog anymore, I have expanded my range of news, I’m now covering not only Cartoon Network and Boomerang, but also Adult Swim, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics more, as well as Toonami (USA), Rooster Teeth and Crunchyroll for the first time. I still post Cartoon Network’s highlights on my Twitter and YouTube accounts.

After making the difficult decision of closing the blog, I’ve found that it made very little difference to those who read my content, in fact, I have attracted more followers than ever before. I wasn’t much of a writer, all I did was paraphrase articles I found and give a link to the source with very little input from me for each article, I decided to leave the news writing to the professionals, there were only those few rare occasions where I did original investigation and research. I have slightly changed how I have distributed my content, especially YouTube now has community post functionality which is great to spread news quickly as I have thousands of subscribers. To prove that I’m still active in the animation community, I’ve been to the Manchester Animation Festival last month (the largest in the UK), there I seen some international independent animated shorts, met Gumball, Elliott From Earth and 101 Dalmatian Street storyboarder – Bianca Ansems and had the opportunity to see Steven Universe The Movie on the big screen. I have loads of connections in the animation industry, including show creators, animators, writers, storyboarders, animation studios and broadcasters, these are too precious to give up.

So you ask, what about my Facebook page and this blog?, what will happen to them?, well, I’m teaming up with a Central Eastern European media group called Prartoon to help run their Toonsphere and CRT websites, I’m already a “technical advisor” and made suggestions on how both websites should run (alongside some small jobs), we’re just trying to get things off the ground, but basically, Toonsphere is an animation news website with a focus on western animation, ever since it stopped being the focus of ToonZone (now rebranded as Anime Superhero), there’s still a need for such as site. CRT is Prartoon’s other site and is a general television news website. I’ve already given my Facebook page to Toonsphere, and one day, the blog will be archived on the site for all to see. I have known the people who run Prartoon since late 2013 (as I met them on ToonZone), so it’s been a few years since I actually known them, so it’s finally time to actually do something great. So, I’m actually spending time helping other people in the animation community rather than myself.

As it’s December, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Recommended Websites

Here’s a list of recommended websites for the latest Cartoon Network news, the list will include info about the shows, events among other things. I hope you will find the list useful. Remember, I’m not gone forever, I’m still on Twitter 🙂

The following list will expand as time goes by:

Animation Magazine:

Anime Superhero Forums:

Zap2It TV Guide (USA and Canada):

C21 Media:

TBI Vision:

Licensing Source:


The Hollywood Reporter:

Goodbye To The Blog

Goodbye To The Blog

Goodbye To The Blog

During the Easter break, I had to think about a difficult decision that I knew I had to eventually make, I’ve decided to close the blog. Very recently, I’ve turned 30 years old and I no longer have the time to carry on with it, I feel that I’ve neglected more important things in life. For nearly five years, I’ve pretty much worked on the blog nearly every day, taking up hours of my time. I hope to continue on Twitter and hopefully YouTube, but I’ll be around less often. There has been a couple of times when I said I was going to end it, but didn’t carry it through.

With the blog, I’ve proud with what I’ve done, I’ve met people I’d never thought I would ever meet, those BAFTA screening events were really something. Cartoon Network’s press office, DHX Media, Corus Entertainment (CN Canada), Lego, BBC Press Office, Bardel Entertainment and many more all follow me on Twitter, my Twitter account is too precious now to get rid of. I’ve been a member of ToonZone* since September 2013, which is now a long time ago, next month it will be five years since running the Twitter account and will be five years since doing the blog. Things have changed, CN is a lot different now to when I started the blog, Adventure Time and Regular Show have ended, The Amazing World of Gumball has almost ended, the next generation of kids are a lot different to the time when I was growing up too, there’s even a difference between those in their early 20’s and those approaching their 30’s. I’m now in the top end of Adult Swim’s target demographic and miles past CN’s, if my 20’s went this quickly, I’ll be 50 before you know it. Five years is one sixth of my life so far.

To be honest, in recent months I’ve been watching less and less cartoons and felt slightly disconnected from what I was writing, I wanted to enjoy it but just don’t have the time to make the commitment anymore, I run the blog on top of a full-time job. The blog is costing me quite a bit money as it’s outgrown shared hosting, I always covered the costs, I haven’t set up a Patreon (to be honest, Cartoon Community news channels have Patreon accounts although they’re not the original news source, why should I pay someone to read the news for me, when I can read it directly from the source myself) or ads (although there was a brief AdWords experiment on the blog, although it wasn’t fruitful and the ads had no relevance to the content at all). I did not ask for a single penny from anyone to run the site. I plan to archive the site somewhere, hopefully somewhere cheaper as it will be used less often, I’ll just leave the site abandoned.

Cartoon Network’s old owners – Turner is dead, the old management has left what was known as Turner’s parent company – Time Warner (now WarnerMedia owned by AT&T), also CN is now part of Warner Bros. Warner Bros. will now not only include Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Adult Swim (with Toonami) and Adult Swim, but also Warner Bros. Animation, the anime streaming service – Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth and VRV. I just don’t have the time to cover this amount of news, plus the monthly highlights as well as managing the YouTube channel which features the promos on the channel, which is something that CN/Turner/Warner Bros. etc. should really be doing themselves with a much bigger and better PR department. On-demand streaming is CN’s eventual end goal anyway and I predict linear television will be dead in the United States and most countries in Western Europe within the next 15 years, there will be no point in uploading promos, bumpers and continuities as there will no longer be any.

I plan to continue on Twitter and share news, this will be less time consuming for me and it’s something I usually do anyway. Due to drastic changes at Cartoon Network, Turner and WarnerMedia as a whole, I think this will be a good time to end the blog, tomorrow night, I plan to post a list of links where you can find info about the latest Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. Animation news. To be honest, it’s time for someone else to step up to the challenge and takeover what I was doing.

People in the “cartoon community” (The only community I belong to is where I live) prefer to hear what CN Confessions, CN Schedule Archive or The Rise of Fall of Nickelodeon (who also covers CN News) etc. has to say anyway, it’s sad that people want rumours, opinion, drama, criticism and controversy more than straight news. I guess my blog was more of a broadsheet newspaper and everyone else’s a tabloid. I never understood the obsession of schedules in the “cartoon community”, these days you can watch shows anytime you like, I wish that was around when I was a kid.

*ToonZone is now known by “Anime Superhero”, after the name change, I felt they’ve sidelined Western Animation, a niche that they specialised in and attempted to go mass-market into the popular but yet oversaturated market of Japanese anime and superhero movies and comics news websites.